About SP Records

I started SP Records because I wanted to create a blog to share my vinyl knowledge with people. It is not only about the devices themselves (vinyl players) and their accessories, but also about music in general. I still hope to create a community one day of like-minded people under the umbrella of SP Records who can share tips, experiences, and tricks and not just listen to music alone.

My goal with launching SP Records was to cut through the fancy jargon and make vinyl more welcoming to regular folks, not just wealthy audiophiles. I want to empower all music lovers with the info they need to put together a killer vinyl setup on any budget.

So, at SP Records, I break down the nitty-gritty specs of turntables, cartridges, and speakers into plain talk that anyone can understand. But it isn’t just facts and figures — the reviews showcase how real-world recordings sound on entry-level systems versus high-end gear so you can hear the difference yourself. I personally handle all the testing and pick the tunes to demonstrate how each component really performs.

Now, I’ve got a special listening room for evaluations, but I’m still keeping it real-world. The focus is on how this stuff sounds in your living room, not some lab.

At the end of the day, I want to pass on the legacy of vinyl records to newcomers. SP Records celebrates the art of analog playback; no fancy expertise or trust fund is required!

About me

Ryan Wilson photo

My name is Ryan Wilson. Once I got my degree in recording arts, I scored an apprenticeship at AudioLab. Think giant hi-tech toy store, but for music nerds obsessed with high-end audio instead of action figures.

I’ve been around that vinyl wonderland for 3 years, helping out total newbies hunting for their first record player to rich dudes dropping some serious stacks on tricked-out reference systems.

After dealing with so many brands and their systems, I couldn’t get enough of the vinyl scene. When I finally left AudioLab, I worked in a different direction, but my passion for vinyl did not fade away; it transformed into my favorite hobby. I bought a Technics SL-1200MK7 turntable and made many online friends worldwide who shared my interests and gained knowledge (by studying, testing, and communicating).

Then, as you already know, SP Records appeared in my life, and I tried myself as a writer. I think I’m doing pretty well, and I want to share some good reviews and a part of myself with you.